Conversations with Chuck

We know that Cognition and Emotions are strongly linked. Students learn best when they feel good. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a better predictor of success in life than IQ. The most important transformation we can make in education is to change our focus from student misbehaviour to student well-being. Change the old photo to the photo of Personalized Learning on the memory stick.


Chuck Denison has been an Executive member of the Metro Branch of the BC School Trustees Association. He is a strong participant, and very good and inquisitive listener. He has become informed about regional and provincial issues, to offer strategic support to his home District, SD43.

Laura Dixon

Chuck Denison has devoted many years serving the School District and continues to show his dedication to students and families, listening to their needs. Chuck Denison’s encouragement of healthy learning environments and inclusive practices, within the spheres of both physical and emotional health, has helped build a stronger community. Promoting leadership, team building, trust and honesty are among the skills that ensure our children and families are supported in their education.