Meet Chuck

Chuck Denison

Involved . Experienced . Insightful

Chuck Denison is a Dedicated School Board Trustee and Strong Leader for SD43

  • Coquitlam resident for 24 years; married to a grade 5 teacher; daughter is a student in SD43.
  • Chuck’s background in education, in project management, and in business ownership make him ideally suited for the role of School Board Trustee
  • Chuck is deeply involved and passionately dedicated to education.
  • Chuck sees the whole picture. Our education system has become more complex than ever. Expenses need to be balanced, and allocated effectively across a wide spectrum of compelling needs.
  • Chuck has firmly supported the effective financing of education in SD43. Funds are needed to ensure resourcing for special needs, English Language Learners, learning disabilities, gifted students, and the average well behaved students who often get much less attention than they truly need.
  • Education is essential for a productive and successful community and province
  • ALL students need the opportunity to reach their potential. These students will be our next leaders.

Chuck is Involved

  • Chuck Denison has served as an executive member of the Metro Branch of the BC School Trustees Association. He is a strong participant, and a very good and inquisitive listener. He has become informed about regional and provincial issues, to offer strategic support to his home District, SD43.
  • Chuck has served as a Director on the Coquitlam Foundation, and a member of their Grants Committee.
  • Chuck Denison served as the President of School District 43 Parent Advisory Council (DPAC43) prior to becoming a School District Trustee.
  • Chuck Denison’s leadership ability was clear from his early professional life. While in his final year of Engineering Physics, Chuck was elected Vice-President of his local student section of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Chuck is Experienced

  • B. of Education degree with double type-A certification (Math and Physics). Chuck taught high school Math, Science and Physics. He then moved on to develop and teach courses at Nortel and TELUS.
  • Degree in Engineering Physics. Worked in Medical Biophysics department of the Ontario Cancer Institute. Sold custom designed power supplies for use in spacecraft. Created a new service department for hospital equipment.
  • TELUS professional project manager. Chuck managed their largest customer based project, leading a team of 32 managers/specialists.

Chuck is Insightful

  • Chuck has developed personal rapport with education stakeholders. Chuck knows that effective leadership begins with cooperative relationships!
  • Chuck has regularly attended meetings of our District 43 Student Leadership Council, learning directly from students about their needs and aspirations.

Chuck Demonstrates his Passion for Education

  • Prior to becoming a Trustee, Chuck created and presented Student Leadership Training to the Student Leadership Executive from a dozen schools in SD36, where his wife teaches.
  • He presented a workshop at the SD36 Student Leadership Symposium.
  • Chuck taught high school Math, Science and Physics. He created and taught “Scholarship Math 11″ for honour students, with extra topics from applied physics.
  • Puzzle-page editor for Mensa Canada in B.C.
  • Received the Distinguished Toastmaster designation. Chuck was honoured with a special provincial award for “… exemplifying Toastmasters Ideals.”


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